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Fire alarms: “Wireless wins hands down, every time”

Renaker’s goal is that when its staff go home each day they do so without any accidents or ill eff ects from their work. As part of this guiding principle, ‑fire safety is a key focus on all its developments, including the Water Street project in Manchester.

Until relatively recently Renaker had used a wired ‑fire alarm system on site but had become increasingly concerned with its cumbersome nature. After consideration, the site decision team at Renaker speci‑ed a WES+ wireless fire alarm system for Water Street. Adam Priest, Quantity Surveyor at Renaker Build Limited, said: “We’ve used both wired and wireless fire alarms and there’s no comparison – wireless wins hands down, every time.”

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This article was published in SHP Online and the SHP newsletter in January 2016, and in Housebuilder & Developer Online in May 2016.