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WES Hotspot Stops Electrical Fires Before they Start

Ramtech Electronics, manufacturer of leading wireless fire alarm systems, has announced the launch of WES Hotspot, an intelligent new technology that detects the risk of an electrical fire before it ignites.

This revolutionary new patented technology can be fitted in consumer units, distribution boards, sockets and electrical devices, where it will silently protect building occupants from some of the thousands of electrical fires that occur each year in the UK.

The WES Hotspot system has been designed specifically as a pre-ignition solution to stop electrical fires from happening, limiting the risk of damage to buildings and equipment.

WES Hotspot is more intuitive than existing protective devices such as MCBs and RCDs because it responds to the excessive heat caused by wiring faults and overloads, which are some of the leading causes of electrical fires. This means the WES Hotspot system offers an innovative way of preventing electrical fires in a range of devices. It does this by isolating power to the electrical device at risk and, when linked to an alarm system, issues an instant alert to nominated personnel.

The WES Hotspot range includes Multi point sensor, Single point sensor and Enhanced twin socket. The system has been independently tested and is compliant with all wiring regulations.

“The addition of WES Hotspot to our range is of huge benefit to an almost infinite number of potential users,” said Paul Henson, Sales and Marketing Director at Ramtech Electronics. “Those that choose WES Hotspot can stop fire before it starts, limiting the risk of damage to buildings of all types and improving safety for occupants.”

“There are around 25,000 electrical fires each year in the UK alone. We have all seen the devastating impact that fire has had across all manner of properties from residential tower blocks through to historic landmarks recently – in many cases, WES Hotspot would have prevented a fire from starting.”

The introduction of WES Hotspot means that the company now offers a full suite of fire alarm, fire detection and fire suppressant products for various applications and industries – with WES Hotspot being having the largest scope due to its flexibility.

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