WES Maintenance and Servicing

WES Maintenance and Servicing


We work directly with clients to offer maintenance and servicing that delivers the flexibility and convenience required by busy construction companies.
Built to survive the challenging conditions of construction sites, the WES wireless fire alarm system will provide up to 3 years operation without the need for routine service or maintenance.

For units approaching 3 years of active duty, booking a routine service with our team of experienced WES engineers can extend the life of units which can equate to extending the life of your WES Units.



Our services include:

  • Stock location logs - keep track of the location and status of all units you have purchased, whether they are on site or in our storage facility waiting to be deployed.
  • Unit storage - off hired units will be secured at our own facility in Nottingham
    Maintenance - when your units come back to us, we will check the batteries if needed and assess if they need any repairs.
  • Repair - when the units come back to us, we will ensure your units are in working order, so they are always ready to go whenever they are required.

Contact our customer service team for further information.