WES Services

WES Service

The entire WES product range is designed and engineered exclusively by us, so we can deliver product training and supply advice straight from the experts who developed the system.

When you buy from us, we ensure that you have our full support with your WES system. Our experts will work with you to ensure you fully understand the system and, if you need it, we will even run internal training workshops for your staff.

Our WES wireless fire alarm system will provide up to 3 years operation without the need for routine service or maintenance and our customers know that they can rely on our team of engineers to service their units when they reach 3 years of active use. By undertaking a routine service, we can often extend the life of units which can equate to extending the life of your system.

We also provide full support post-purchase, we offer unparalleled technical expertise in-house. If you need a helping hand you can call our WES helpline to speak to one of our experts. We also have our secure download section on our website where you can find key information such as product guides and manuals.

If you need further advice or additional units for your system, just contact our helpline on 0115 822 3424 and we’ll be happy to help.