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Protecting your site from fire

Early 2018 unfortunately saw two serious fires on construction sites with a combined project value of well over £30m. Aside from the significant financial consequences of these incidents, both had the potential to cause harm to those working on or living around the site locations. These significant fires are just two examples, every day the Home Office reports that there is an average of 11 fires on UK construction sites.

In an age where technology is transforming all aspect of our lives including safety, we must ask the question; why are there so many fires on construction sites and why do they go undetected until they have taken hold? The answer is that many sites haven’t yet adopted a technology-based approach to fire detection

The first of the two major site fires in early 2018, headlined in most of the press, occurred on a site undergoing a major £33million refurbishment. Investigators concluded that the fire was accidental and caused by refurbishment works.

The second fire resulted in a police investigation following a blaze at a site, which was unfortunately caused by a suspected arson attack. The fire engulfed one block of four semi-detached homes and one block of three – seven homes in total – although thankfully no-one was hurt in the incident.


How can I protect my construction site from fire?

Record numbers of developers are now deploying our EN 54 compliant fire alarm systems but it is still common to find construction sites that have only basic measures in place. For example, many still rely on someone being present on site and seeing the fire, where they are then required to raise the alarm using a manual device such as a fire bell. There are several inherent weaknesses with this approach, not least that both the referenced fires started at the weekend when no one was present on site to raise the alarm.


Should I invest in an EN 54 wireless fire alarm system?

Given the very nature of construction work, fire is an ever present danger on site, which is why we have dedicated our business to making improvements in site safety. It’s one of the reasons why we’re trying to spread the word that all construction sites should install a technology-based fire alarm system that is tried and tested.

Our EN 54 compliant wireless fire alarm system, when specified with automatic heat/smoke detectors, provides 24/7 coverage. That means, even when the site is vacated, such as at weekends, as in the incidents referenced above, WES+ automatically detects the fire/smoke and instantly sends a SMS text alert to nominated personnel, allowing them to coordinate with rescue services. The outcome is that the fire is tackled earlier, minimising risk to lives and mitigating damage.


Why choose WES products?

1. Expert knowledge
We’re leading the way in fire protection innovation. Our award-winning WES system has been followed in 2014 by WES+ and in 2017 by WES REACT creating a full suite of products that can deliver a full health and safety offering to the construction industry.

2. Interlinked alarms
Our wireless fire alarm systems quickly alert you to any issue on site to enable early evacuation of the full site and speedy notification of the emergency services day or night.

3. Cost
Any fire, however small, can create significant amounts of damage on site. Our fire systems can be quickly installed and transferred to future sites once the project is completed giving you peace of mind for the future.

4. Easy installation
Our modern, wireless system allows for quick installation, seamless relocation of call points as the site progresses, pairing of units in seconds with the benefit of no trailing wires, and complete, secure mesh 24/7 network coverage over the entire construction site, linked to nominated personnel via SMS text.

5.Robust fire protection
Give your clients confidence that their assets are safe in your hands by showing that you have invested in a market-leading EN 54 compliant wireless fire alarm system that offers 24/7 coverage.