WES3 CONNECT and Base Station

The WESsystem's Control Units are the real brains behind the whole system. From this, you can access extensive reports and functionality, including interaction with the optional REACT cloud-based software.

The Base Station has the long battery life of the other elements of the WES system, aligned with wireless mobility and durability.

  • Includes programming functions, so you can edit site name and SMS numbers directly from your control unit.
  • Real time System Log records activations and warnings, so you can monitor activity and history across your whole WES system.
  • 4G / GSM version available, enabling users to receive configurable SMS notifications of alarm, tamper or system faults.
  • Links with REACT for added functionality.
  • Access code protection of all system settings and alarm reset for maximum accountability
  • Unit numbering, enabling easy identification of activated units directly from the control unit
  • Recent events logged in memory for Health and Safety audit procedures
  • 3-year Battery life (under normal usage conditions), reducing lifetime costs and need for constant replacement.