WES+ Wireless fire alarm system

WES+ Range

Since its introduction, the WES wireless alarm system has become recognised as the system of choice for the UK construction top 50, due to its ease of use, system reliability and the highest level of third-party certification. WES+ remains the only wireless fire alarm system for construction that complies with EN54 part 25.

WES+ is engineered to meet the harmonised fire detection and alarm systems standard EN54, and therefore meets the requirements of the Construction Products Regulation. WES+ sets the safety standard for construction site evacuations.

Practical design

WES+ is an inherently safe, practical solution for construction sites. Because it’s wireless and battery powered there’s no need for networks of cabling that could be trip hazards or could cause issues as sites change and grow. You’ll also find that operating a wireless system significantly reduces the cost and time of installation – units can easily be moved around the site as required and can be re-used on other projects.


High Performance

When it comes to safety systems, reliability and performance are vital, so we’ve made sure that WES+ is designed and manufactured in the UK to ISO9001 quality standards and using the best components. To make sure we delivered the best possible system, we worked directly with two leading UK construction companies in the development of WES+.

WES+ units are fitted with Category 1 wireless receivers, which are the highest level, most reliable wireless receivers on the market – they’re specifically recommended for use in systems protecting human life.

  • High Performance. The system uses best quality Category 1, Euro-harmonised radio in compliance with European standards covering the use of radio technology in emergency equipment (ETSI 300-220-1)
  • Cost-effective. There’s no wiring, so no need for specialist installation.
  • Battery life tested for 3+ years. Keep your replacement costs and waste to a minimum.
  • Practical. You can have an unlimited number of units on one site, quickly add and remove units as the build progresses and re-use WES+ units on future projects.
  • Dedicated helpline & training. Fully supported
  • Reliable. WES+ is independently tested, CE marked and compliant with all key safety legislation.
  • Suitable for European use. WES+ uses a Europe-compatible radio frequency, and is fully compliant with the European Construction Products Regulation so you can now use it on your European sites.


WES+ meets vital fire safety legislation

  • EN54 and the Construction Products Regulation
  • HSE Fire Regulations for Construction sites (HSG168)
  • European Standards covering the use of Radio technology in emergency equipment (ETSI 300-220-1)
  • Fire Protection Association Joint Code of Practice
  • Structural Timber Association Guidelines
  • BS5839 – WES+ can be installed to BS5839, enabling use in temporary accommodation units



The WES+ app for Android tablets delivers full wireless fire alarm system reporting as well as flexible system configuration.

The WES+ app is our free app available to download from Google Play. The App allows users to connect directly to the WES+ network via the WES+ Base station (USB cable required) Features include access to system logs, detailed unit information, full installation users’ manuals and SIM/GSM settings (on GSM enabled units). Requires Android 4.2 Jellybean or later to run.

  • View individual unit and system-wide alerts, including tamper warnings, battery drain, wireless signal performance and more
  • View full system logs, including unit activations, unit tampers, and silent test activations.
  • Health and safety reporting made easy – export your system logs and weekly silent test logs to pdf, csv or email.
  • Configure site name and unit numbering through a simple tablet interface
  • Convenient configuration of SMS recipient details
  • Quick quote request form for new units and consumables
  • Browse the WES+ user manual and troubleshooting guide straight from the app

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