WES Sectors

WES Sectors

Our innovative WES system was launched in 2009, initially designed to meet the specific fire alarm needs of the UK construction industry. Recognised as the first EN54 compliant wireless fire alarm, we have continued to invest in and develop our pioneering product range and you can now find our market-leading solutions in a diverse range of properties, buildings, sites and factories around the world.

The overview below is just a snapshot of the sectors where you can find our wireless systems in active use. Our team of experts can work with you to design the ideal solution to meet the scale of your fire protection challenge, however big or small.  Just contact our helpline on 0115 822 3424 and we’ll be happy to help.

WES systems are equally suited to small residential developments, commercial new build and refurbishments as well as multimillion pound complex infrastructure projects. Typical sectors include Education, Healthcare, Retail, Office, Government/Public, Residential and High Rise Multi Occupancy (HRMO) developments. View our Case Studies to find out more.

In addition to construction/refurbishment projects, the WES system is increasingly being selected as the ideal temporary fire solution for vacant/void properties that are unoccupied, or to provide a temporary enhanced level of protection in buildings where the existing system is no longer adequate.

We also have our products in use reassuring residents in buildings that have been identified as affected by the same Aluminium Composite Material as used on Grenfell Tower.

The wireless technology used in the WES system make it ideally suited to large complex sites such as power and utilities, rail, defence manufacturing and recycling facilities. The flexibility of the system means specific areas of the sites, for example high risk or limited/no human access, can be accommodated easily.