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We've been busy filming new videos recently. On our website you'll find our secure download section where you can access key product information such as these guides and manuals. If you need more help with your WES product, call our customer support team on +44 (0)115 822 3424

In the event of a fire or medical emergency on site our WES base station indicates precisely where the triggering unit is. This pinpoints the location of the incident providing vitally important information when every minute counts. Discover WES today: https://t.co/Ga5o56cjE1

Did you know that WES call points are interlinked? This means that that all areas receive the same audible and visual alert signal, even if the fire is contained to just one of them. Find out how WES can protect your property and personnel: https://t.co/aMAacr1oT9

Did you know that Hotspot is the only pre-ignition solution of its’ kind available in the marketplace at present? It uses patented technology that’s exclusive to us. Discover the unique capabilities of Hotspot to protect your property and personnel : https://t.co/FhSuVEuHpZ

We're honoured that our products are shortlisted in the Construction Computing and London Construction Awards in three categories. Discover how our innovative range of wireless solutions can help your business: https://t.co/aMAacr1oT9

The Department of Trade and Industry estimates that only 20% of all electrical fires could be prevented by the presence of an RCD. Hotspot can detect resistive heat which causes the other 80%. Find out how Hotspot can protect your business: https://t.co/FhSuVEuHpZ

Feature focus Friday. If you're concerned about false alarms on your site, talk to us. WES's dust resistant detectors and inspection delay features ensure evacuations are only carried out in real emergencies. Discover more WES features: https://t.co/aMAacr1oT9

Have a safe and happy Halloween! This is our spooktacular installation of WES+ call points and detection on the Horror Hotel on Nottingham market square. #firesafety #nottingham

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