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Did you know our REACT system includes a Lone Worker function? It enables personnel to ‘check in’ & ‘check out’ when lone working, or carrying out high-risk activities and if they fail to update their ‘OK’ status within a defined time an alert is issued. https://t.co/VprImG5aqq

The Department of Trade and Industry estimates that only 20% of all electrical fires could be prevented by the presence of an RCD. Hotspot can detect resistive heat which causes the other 80% of fires. Find out how Hotspot can protect your business: https://t.co/FhSuVEuHpZ

It’s our business to innovate, so we ensure that our in-house R&D programme continues to deliver the superlative, market-leading wireless solutions on which we pride ourselves. Our products are designed, developed and built by us here in the UK. https://t.co/ZGBvMELIMR

WES3 is our ground-breaking wireless fire and emergency alarm system. It was engineered with the specific aim of creating a fire safety system with medical alert that’s compliant with increasingly stringent health and safety practice. Discover WES3: https://t.co/UHoDMZjRii

Hotspot is designed specifically to stop electrical fires from happening. This effective monitoring of electrical components, connections & equipment enables prompt detection of abnormal heat transforming an electrical fire risk into a maintenance issue. https://t.co/FhSuVEd61p

At Ramtech Electronics we continue to innovate creating new, technologically advanced fire alarm products that provide our customers with solutions they can rely on. Discover our range today: https://t.co/aMAacr1oT9

Hotspot is the only pre-ignition solution of its’ kind available in the marketplace at present and uses patented technology that’s exclusive to Ramtech Electronics. Discover the unique capabilities of Hotspot to protect your property and personnel: https://t.co/FhSuVEd61p

Are you concerned about fire alarm reliability and failure issues? Talk to us. Our 3 year battery life and flooded mesh network ensure your system is always online and ready to protect your staff and assets 24/7. Find out how WES can help you: https://t.co/UHoDMZjRii

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