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WES Hotspot offers you comprehensive pre-ignition fire protection throughout your entire building. It combines sensitive heat detectors and wireless technology and can be fitted in new and existing consumer units and distribution boards. https://t.co/FhSuVEuHpZ

False alarms cost time and money. WES3 features optional inspection delay to enable site managers to quickly establish whether a false alarm has been raised. It can also be used to undertake a staged evacuation process. Learn more: https://t.co/UHoDMZjRii

Our intelligent WES system can replicate the functionality of a hardwired system. It's easy to reposition as a site progresses with no drilling or additional site visits. Discover how @interservenews used this to satisfy insurers on £300m Stanford Hall: https://t.co/2XJvTCEWtu

Our specialist wireless solutions protect physical assets & people via technology such as pre-ignition fire safety solutions through to cloud connected alarm systems with medical alert, inspection delay, system test and pre-alarm modes. https://t.co/aMAacr1oT9

Our market-leading #firesafety solutions can ensure you are compliant with all required standards: BS5839, JCOP and EN54. To speak to us about how we can deliver your complete #firesafety solution, call our experts on +44 (0)115 822 3424 https://t.co/x1jgDjiUiH

Recently, there has been a tragic loss of cultural history in devastating fires across the world. Historic landmarks & heritage properties can easily be safeguarded using the WES system, thanks to our wireless technology. Discover how: https://t.co/aMAacr1oT9

David Wilson Homes are leading the way by being the first to install Hotspot at its £100m+ development at Newbury racecourse. Learn more about this fantastic project: https://t.co/ytLTckwgxL

Hotspot uses patented technology to prevent electrical fires within a range of devices by responding to the excessive heat caused by wiring faults and overloads making it more intuitive that RCBs and MCBs. Revolutionary #firesafety https://t.co/FhSuVEuHpZ

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