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We were thrilled to see behind the scenes of the Crossrail project in The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway on BBC Two last night. WES is active on several Crossrail stations including Tottenham Court Road which was featured in the programme.

Recent data indicates that fire remains one of the greatest dangers on construction sites. Our blog lists the top five important factors that need to be considered when specifying a fire alarm system for a construction site. https://t.co/VH0nGArzol

When we develop any new product our expert R&D team work closely with our customers to make sure it is innovative, user-friendly and designed to perform in challenging conditions. That's why our R&D programme continues to deliver unparalleled safety and security solutions.

A recent @cnplus investigation shows that intentionally caused blazes on construction sites increased by nearly 43% between 2015-2017. Our blog examines ways that you can raise the alarm faster with WES: https://t.co/dfRfJVpzNU

If you're an existing WES+ customer but your site now needs a complete emergency solution, did you know that you can easily upgrade to WES3, our most advanced system, increasing your site protection with minimal cost & impact to your business? Learn more: https://t.co/UHoDMZjRii

According to information from the ABI @BritishInsurers the cost of fire and explosion claims for commercial property insurers was just under a billion (£945m) in 2017. Speak to our experts about how to mitigate the risk of fire on your construction site on +44 (0)115 822 3424

Data recently obtained by @CNplus shows that intentionally caused blazes on construction sites increased by nearly 43% between 2015-2017. If you're concerned about protecting your site from fire, contact our team of experts to discuss our products. https://t.co/AQt5TVyIhc

At WES we are passionate about fire safety and each year there are over 25,000 electrical fires in the UK. Today is Register My Appliance day. To be the first to hear about safety repairs or recalls, sign up today: https://t.co/ty7OGebyLZ

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