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Feature Focus Friday: False alarms cost both time and money. WES3 features optional inspection delay to enable you to quickly establish whether a false alarm has been raised. It can also be used to undertake a staged evacuation process. Learn more: https://buff.ly/2xQGf5X

WES can replicate the functionality of a hardwired system, without the need for power. The wireless units are easy to add, remove and clone with just a few button presses, meaning that the system is scalable for any location. No complex training required. https://buff.ly/2EmauVm

At Ramtech our specialist wireless solutions protect physical assets & people via innovative IoT technology from dust-resistant smoke and heat detectors to cloud connected alarm systems with medical alert, inspection delay, system test and pre-alarm modes. https://buff.ly/2EmauVm

WES call points are interlinked on site ensuring that all areas receive the same audible and visual alert signal, even if the fire is contained to just one of them. Find out how WES can protect your property and personnel: https://buff.ly/2xQGf5X

At the weekend our REACT customers can relax and enjoy their time off knowing that it is keeping a 24/7 watch over their business. Find out why you should choose REACT for your construction site: https://buff.ly/2pe7h28

Feature Focus Friday: With its three year battery life under normal use, WES is simple to install with no need for external power. Find out more: https://buff.ly/2EmauVm

WES3 brings state-of-the-art safety to construction sites around the world. It's reliable, quick to install, simple to operate & can be customised to meet the needs of your site. It's suitable for use from the first day on site until the last. Learn more: https://buff.ly/2xQGf5X

WES wireless call points are installed on site in accordance with the project’s fire plan. When an alarm is activated, the call point indicates the exact location in the building ensuring that help is sent to the correct location. Find out more: https://buff.ly/2s2Wayd

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