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Our UK designed, developed and manufactured units are already installed in over 14 countries to date. The WES Product range is EN54 compliant and completely suitable for use throughout Europe and beyond, as our expanding distribution network demonstrates:

Our WES system brings state-of-the-art safety to construction sites around the world. It is reliable, quick to install, simple to operate & completely customised to meet the needs of your site. WES can be deployed from the first day on site until the last. https://t.co/UHoDMZjRii

Concerned about false alarms on your site? We can solve that. WES's dust resistance detectors and inspection delay features ensure evacuations are only carried out in real emergencies. Discover WES:


Our experienced maintenance and servicing team are based at Ramtech House offering the flexibility and convenience required by our busy customers. Booking a routine service with our engineers can extend the life of your units too. https://t.co/3PRNrQZa9v

On our website you'll find our secure download section where you can access key product information such as guides and manuals. If you need more help with your WES product, call our customer support team on 0115 822 3424 https://t.co/ohL25yX02g

Our customers have included REACT in the Considerate Constructors Scheme Best Practice Hub. To find out why your Considerate Construction site should be using REACT, visit the Hub today: https://t.co/xmoBlbiUez

Our WES system is designed and delivered by our in-house Research and Development team has over 12 electronic engineers, radio engineers and software developers who ensure our WES range retains its leading position in the wireless alarm market. https://t.co/ZGBvMELIMR

WES Hotspot offers you comprehensive pre-ignition fire protection throughout your entire building. It combines sensitive heat detectors and wireless technology and can be fitted in new and existing consumer units and distribution boards. https://t.co/FhSuVEd61p

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