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Feature Focus Friday: WES is rigorously tested. To meet BS EN54 all our units are independently tested – shock, stress, thermal - ensuring you have a system you can rely on. Find out how WES can protect your business on our website: https://t.co/UHoDMZjRii

Did you know that REACT is featured in the Considerate Constructors Scheme Best Practice Hub? To hear from our customers why your Considerate Construction site should be using REACT, visit the Hub today: https://t.co/xmoBlbiUez

Are false fire alarms a recurring issue for your construction sites? Talk to us. WES's dust resistant detectors and inspection delay features ensure evacuations are only carried out in real emergencies. Discover how WES can help you: https://t.co/VV4hvU7lcq

Feature focus Friday. With WES3 you can test individual alarm points without the need to trigger the entire system. This ensures your on-site team know that when a site-wide alarm is raised it's a real emergency. Find out more:

WES3 has been developed and engineered to provide a simple, fast and secure method of communicating fire and medical emergencies. It also comes with a market-leading two-year warranty. If you'd like more information, call our team on +44 (0)115 822 3424 & we’ll be happy to help.

Did you know that REACT delivers real-time alerts to all relevant personnel and also automatically translates all notifications into local phone/user language? It can also be customised to raise bespoke alerts. Find out more: https://t.co/1M5zcX4rqM

When you work with us, we use our years of expertise to identify the best wireless solution that's tailored to you, no matter the size of the challenge. If you need a bespoke wireless evacuation system you can rely on, choose WES https://t.co/x1jgDjiUiH

Feature focus Friday. Did you know that WES can be deployed on site from day one and grow with it? The wireless call points are easy to link and connect to create a mesh network that monitors your site. Learn how WES can protect your site: https://t.co/UHoDMZjRii

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