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Did you know that WES3 works perfectly with WES REACT, our cloud-based management & alert tool? REACT combines innovative wireless technology, cloud-based data & an easy-to-use mobile phone app to create a fully integrated emergency response system. https://t.co/1M5zcX4rqM

Our market-leading wireless fire alarm system can provide up to 3 years operation without the need for routine service or maintenance. Find out more about our expert maintenance and servicing: https://t.co/3PRNrQHzhX

WES3 is our newest fire & emergency alarm developed specifically for construction teams. With an incredible 2 yr warranty, 3 yr battery life, it is the most advanced system we have produced. To find out more or specify WES3 call our expert team on 0115 822 3424

At WES, we understand how critical secure site access is to our customers. WES Access Control provides sites with tailor-made systems that not not only secures your site but can also provide you with valuable data. Find out more: https://t.co/yjTcfR5sXp #construction #sitesafety

As Christmas approaches, our WES REACT customers can relax knowing that even when they are on holiday their site is securely monitored. Our 24/7 technology raises the alarm faster and can reduce the fire damage sustained. Find out more: https://t.co/1M5zcX4rqM

We all live, work and play in buildings that are also home to electricity. Did you know that there are 25,000 electrical fires in the UK each year? Our new product WES Hotspot has been designed specifically as a pre-ignition solution: https://t.co/qbIpZett7f

WES REACT is included in the @CCScheme Best Practice Hub. To find out why your Considerate Construction site should include REACT, visit the Hub today: https://t.co/xmoBlbiUez

Each year there are over 25,000 electrical fires in the UK. Our new WES Hotspot has been designed specifically as a pre-ignition solution to stop electrical fires from happening. https://t.co/FhSuVEuHpZ

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