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Listed Building Banks On WES+

Coulson Building Group has specified a WES+ fire alarm system for refurbishment of a three-storey listed building on Sidney Street, Cambridge. The work to create 21 student accommodation properties on the first and second floors of this city centre location is being carried out above a bank and shops.

Ensuring that WES+ fire alarm system didn’t interfere with existing wireless and Wi-Fi technologies used by businesses below was therefore critical on this project. WES+ uses Category 1 receivers throughout, which ensures maximum signal reliability and, crucially for this project, non-interference with other technologies. The decision to specify a WES+ wireless fire alarm system for this listed building refurbishment was taken because the company concluded that it is ‘the best temporary fire alarm system in the market’.

sidney street Cambridge

A wireless fire alarm system also suited this project perfectly because, being a listed building, Coulson Building Group wanted to avoid any unnecessary drilling into existing structures, which would have been required with a wired fire alarm system.

The automatic smoke detectors have dust resistant detector heads, which eliminates false alarms in this busy part of Cambridge city centre. Aside from being a distraction for local businesses and residents, an uninterrupted work schedule will mean that the refurbishment project is more likely to be completed on time. If just one of the automatic heat or smoke detectors is activated, all call points sound a siren, and personnel know to evacuate site immediately. The base station then instantly identifies which of the call points has been triggered, allowing rescue team to be directed to the source of the fire event. The base station also delivers extensive system reporting and configuration functionality.

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