WES Fire Safety & EN54

WES Fire Safety & EN54

WES is the specialist fire safety and construction site evacuation technology arm of Ramtech.

The WES product range was designed and engineered in consultation with construction industry experts with the specific aim of developing a fire safety regulations compliant system that is both compliant with increasingly stringent construction health and safety legislation and convenient and practical to use on site.


WES+ and WES3 enables you to be fully compliant with:

Fire Protection Association Joint Code of Practice
The Fire Protection Association/Construction Confederation, with the support of the Association of British Insurers, the Chief Fire Officers Association, and the London Fire Brigade, specifies best practice for timber framed buildings, including “components for automatically detecting a fire, initiating an alarm” and “weekly testing of the fire alarm”.

HSE Fire Safety Guidelines for Construction Sites (HSG 168)
HSG168 expresses the importance of an “inter-connecting system of call points and sounders” for alerting a busy construction site to the need to evacuate.

European Standards Covering the use of radio technology in emergency equipment (ETSI 300-220-1)
European guidelines on the use of radio technology in emergency equipment specify the use of the highest-level Category 1 receivers, as used in WES+, in “human life inherent systems”.

Structural Timber Association Guidelines
The Structural Timber Association’s 16 Steps to Timber Frame Construction document explicitly recommends the use of a product with linked “detection devices strategically placed around the structure to provide the earliest possible detection of fire” in construction and refurbishment projects involving timber frame buildings.

Because it’s certified to EN54, the WES+ product range can be installed to BS5839, delivering the ability to provide protection for temporary accommodation units as soon as they’re on site at the very start of your project.


The WES product range is designed to meet:

The Construction Products Regulation

The Construction Products Regulation states that:

  • Fire safety products must be CE marked
  • To obtain a CE mark, a Declaration of Performance must be produced
  • To obtain a Declaration of Performance, fire safety products must be tested by an approved external body
  • That body must be involved in inspection, testing and factory production control.

European Standards for Fire Products – EN54

EN54 is the Harmonised Standard laying down design, manufacture and performance standards required for construction fire safety products. Every product in the WES range has been designed to comply with the relevant sections of EN54.

The WES wireless fire safety system helps you adhere to these fire safety regulations and guidelines:

  • EN54 and the Construction Products Regulation
  • Fire Protection Association Joint Code of Practice – 9th Edition (October 2015)
  • HSE fire safety guidelines for construction sites (HSG 168)
  • European standards covering the use of radio technology in emergency equipment
  • Structural Timber Association Guidelines

Contact us for further information about how WES systems can help you ensure your construction sites meet appropriate health and safety requirements.

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