Wireless Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm System Supporting Simultaneous Evacuation for Buildings with ACM Cladding

Dangerous combustible cladding?

Costly 24 Hour waking watch fire guards?

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Following the Grenfell Tower fire new guidance was issued for residential bocks of flats that were identified as having hazardous combustible cladding systems. The previously advised ‘Stay put policy’ was deemed unsafe and a temporary change to a ‘Simultaneous evacuation’ strategy was imposed.


In the absence of a common fire alarm, many building owners employed a significant number of ‘waking watch’ guards to ensure the evacuation of their residents in the event of a fire. This manual method of fire detection and alarm, however, was only intended as a short-term solution.


Should a temporary ‘Simultaneous evacuation’ strategy remain in place for a longer period, then the installation of a common fire alarm is strongly recommended as a more reliable and cost-effective method of early detection. This is outlined in guidance published by the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC).


The WES fully wireless fire alarm system offers a cost-effective solution that can be set-up in moments and installed in days, with each unit requiring only two fixing points. Partnered with our REACT cloud monitoring and alert system, triggered alarms, along with their location, can be sent automatically and in real-time to the mobile smart device of any individual or group.

WES Wireless Fire Alarm System


WES wireless fire alarm system has been specifically developed to provide wireless temporary fire alarms that can be used in construction, industrial and commercial property locations, designed to full EN54 specification.

This advanced system has been engineered to provide a simple, fast and secure method of communicating fire and medical emergencies in complex environmental conditions.



REACT Cloud Monitoring & Alert System


Ramtech’s REACT solution combines innovative wireless technology, cloud-based data, a simple-to-use mobile phone app and browser management tool to create a fully integrated, real time emergency response system that can protect your site 24/7.

REACT remotely communicate alerts raised by WES3 in real-time to relevant personnel via an app installed on their smart phone or tablet device. Alerts raised can be supported with site specific plans to highlight their precise location. Users can then record actions on their device, which are automatically uploaded to the REACT cloud and feedback to relevant group members.



“NFCC strongly recommends that where a change to a simultaneous evacuation is deemed appropriate and will be required for medium to long periods of time, that a temporary common fire alarm system is installed. This is because a temporary common fire alarm when designed, installed, and maintained appropriately is a more reliable and cost-effective way to maintain a sufficient level of early detection. An appropriate communal fire alarm and detection system will generally provide more certainty that a fire will be detected and warned at the earliest opportunity rather than rely on using trained staff.”


― Section 4.14


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