Electrical fire risk: Making our homes and businesses safer


This week, the BBC News website published an in-depth article by Kevin Peachey titled “The danger in our homes?”. Prompted by the unprecedented recall of Whirlpool dryers and focused on the inertia around tackling this issue sooner, 750 homes were lost before any significant action was taken, this excellent article highlights the risk of electrical fire that having electricity in lives intrinsically brings.


At Ramtech Electronics we are passionate about fire safety and strongly believe that that property owners, building operators, social landlords, housing associations and local government need to look at the technologies that are readily available to reduce the risk of fire to families, homes and businesses.


Protecting properties and their residents doesn’t need to be technologically advanced. Hotspot is a great example of a simple, non-powered device that simply sits there quietly working. It’s a simple, easily retrofittable, fit-and-forget means of protecting against the risk of fire. Wiring faults and overloads are some of the leading causes of electrical fires in the UK and they can be prevented by using our technology.


We have developed a pre-ignition solution, Hotspot, that reduces the risk to lives and property by preventing an electrical fire from starting. This technology is available NOW and is ready for use in high-rise buildings where fire can have particularly devastating consequences.


John Newbury, Product Innovation & Marketing Director said: “It is shocking that it has taken so long for action to be taken around these appliance fires. We need to take fire prevention seriously to reduce the number of devastating fires in the UK. There are tried and tested solutions out there, it shouldn’t take regulation or government’s involvement for fire safety to be given the serious consideration it deserves.


We encourage all interested parties to contact us to learn how Hotspot can reduce the risk of electrical fire so we can work together to reduce the devastation that these fires can cause.”


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