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WES HOTSPOT Odds On Favourite At Newbury Racecourse

David Wilson Homes has made the single largest step change in fire safety since the widespread use of smoke alarms by being the first to install WES Hotspot at its £100m+ development at Newbury racecourse.


WES Hotspot is the latest fire safety innovation from Ramtech Electronics and helps prevent electrical fires before they ignite.

Incorporating Thermarestor® technology, WES Hotspot can be fitted in consumer units, distribution boards, sockets and electrical equipment, where it silently protects buildings - and occupants - from some of the 25,000 electrical fires that occur in the UK each year.

The Newbury Racecourse project comprises of 10 separate blocks totalling 366 apartments, with the majority being offered for private sale. The top floor of each block consists of penthouse suites.

WES Hotspot utilises the patented technology of Thermarestor® to monitor critical connections within the electrical installation and activates as soon as any overheating is detected.

Once activated, WES Hotspot within the Landlord’s distribution boards in Newbury, can instantly send an alert to Facilities Management personnel via the fire alarm system but is also capable of signalling via any notification system - or by using the WES REACT app for mobile devices. This early notification of an electrical fault and the overheating of connections, transforms what would ultimately be an emergency call to the fire service, into a simple maintenance issue for the Facilities Management team.
Within the apartments themselves, WES Hotspot is installed inside consumer units and has been configured to automatically disconnect the power supply in the event of abnormal temperatures being detected. In removing this potential source of ignition, WES Hotspot provides the highest level of pre-ignition protection to electrical installations, by actively preventing electrical fires.

David Wilson Homes and main contractor Midgard specified WES Hotspot after it had been recommended by the development’s M&E contractor, and designer of the Thermarestor® technology, Ilec-Imec Building Services.

A report by DTI estimates that only 20% of all electrical fires could be prevented by the presence of an RCD, which still allows the vast majority of electrical fires to occur, with devastating effects. The source of ignition which results in most of the electrical fires in low voltage installations is excessive heat. Circuit Breakers, RCD's and RCBO's are unable to detect heat generated at points of connection and therefore fail to respond to this major cause of fire until ignition has occurred.

WES Hotspot is specifically designed to detect abnormal heating of electrical connections, components and equipment and is an effective pre-ignition solution that stops electrical fires from occurring, so limiting the risk to occupants and damage to buildings and equipment.

John Newbury from Ramtech Electronics Limited, said: “Our WES Hotspot has the ability to turn an emergency situation into a simple maintenance task. It stops fires before they start and that means it can save lives. We believe that it is the single most significant innovation in fire safety since the introduction of smoke alarms.”

He added: “By specifying WES Hotspot, David Wilson Homes has demonstrated that it takes fire safety within its developments extremely seriously. We firmly believe that fitting this technology will become routine, just as it is now for RCDs and smoke alarms.”

Oliver Parmenter, Marketing Manager at David Wilson Homes Southern said: “Once we understood the ability of this technology to prevent electrical fires caused by heat build-up in electrical circuits it made it a very easy decision to specify it across our Newbury development. We were extremely impressed with the fire safety benefits it offers prospective buyers, residents and investors.”

Ramtech Electronics’ offers a full suite of fire alarms, fire detection and fire suppressant products for various applications and industries – with WES Hotspot being the latest addition to the range.

The WES Hotspot range has been independently tested and is compliant with all applicable statutory regulations and requirements. It can easily be retrofitted to any existing electrical installation or deployed in a new build project.