WES Case Studies

WES Thames Tideway Tunnel

Project: Thames Tideway Tunnel

Client:    Bam Nuttall, Morgan Sindall, Balfour Beatty Joint Venture

Location: London

The Thames Tideway Tunnel is London’s major new ‘Super Sewer’ that, once completed, will help prevent the River Thames being polluted by tens of millions of tonnes of overflow sewage that currently flow into the river each year.  This ambitious, under-construction 25km tunnel will run below the River Thames in a complex route across central London.

This highly challenging engineering project comprises of multiple construction sites and WES3 has been specified by the joint venture team to deliver EN 54 compliance across the West section of the Tunnel project.

Recognised as the first EN54 compliant wireless fire alarm designed specifically for construction, we have continued to invest in and develop our pioneering product range and WES3 is the newest version of our market-leading system.

In addition to WES3 we have also deployed our cloud-based WES REACT system that the project team are able to utilise for planning emergency procedures, as well as ensuring they have real-time updates of any on-site emergencies.  


The challenge

Prior to installing WES3 we removed an existing system. This had to be undertaken efficiently while quickly deploying WES3 and WES REACT to minimise the disruption to the vitally important fire alarm system and creating the ability to raise site-wide emergency alarms.


The solution

By deploying our EN 54 compliant system, the joint venture team are reassured that our products have been subjected to rigorous independent testing ensuring that they are reliable and capable of delivering robust protection for their site. Serious fires are still a regular occurrence on UK construction sites and our system raises the alarm quickly minimising the risk to lives and mitigating damage to the site.

WES3 is operational as the fire alarm system for both the site welfare and construction site areas. Our EN 54 certification enables our innovative product range to be installed to BS5839, delivering the ability to provide protection for temporary accommodation units as soon as they’re on site at the very start of a project. It is compliant with section 13.8 in the Joint Code of Practice as all WES components are EN54 certified.

The system is currently installed in many locations across the west section of the project. At the Acton welfare site alone, there is a combination of 10 manual call points and 20 automatic heat/smoke in use with a view to rolling out the system throughout the tunnel as construction progresses.

The fire alarm system was identified as providing the best solution because it is compliant with the relevant sections of EN 54, wireless with no need for external power and links with WES REACT to send immediate notifications to all affected personnel. The WES3 units can span any distance by utilising their innovative “flooded mesh” radio network and, as they are battery operated, no mains power is required.

WES REACT is our next generation of cloud-based wireless fire safety systems, it offers the site management teams complete control of fire, medical and other emergency communications. The user-friendly app delivers real-time alerts to all relevant personnel, along with emergency response information such as site plans, evacuation routes and emergency procedures.

We are the UK market leader in the provision of innovative wireless emergency systems. Our systems are engineered to deliver the highest standards of legislative compliance while meeting the unique safety challenges of complex environmental conditions such as construction sites, railyards, factories and heritage properties.

All our WES3 units offer a 3-year maintenance-free battery life and have undergone extensive testing to comply with the relevant parts of BS EN 54, including part 25 which addresses wireless components using radio links.