WESCase Studies

WES+Millennium View, Coventry University

Contractor: Bowmer & Kirkland

Project Value: £25 million

Project Type: Development

Location: Coventry

Bowmer & Kirkland has utilised WES+ fire alarm system during construction of the new Millennium View development at the University of Coventry.

The student accommodation project at Coventry University (which comprises of three multi-level buildings), is located on Hales Street in the Lady Herbert’s Garden Conservation Area in the city centre. When complete it will be home to around 1,200 students.

WES+ fire alarm system was specified by the developer’s site management team at Coventry because it is EN 54 compliant and offered them a number of usability benefits associated with the fact that it is a wireless system.

Being wireless means that the units can be repositioned quickly and easily as construction progresses and without the need for the specialist trades required with wired fire alarm systems. The choice of manual call points and/or automatic heat and smoke detectors means that sites are be protected from fire 24/7 even when personnel are not present on site.

WES+ is protecting personnel on the university project by sounding a site-wide alarm in the event of a fire. If a manual call point or automatic heat/smoke detector is activated, it sounds a site-wide alarm that allows personnel to evacuate to a muster point.

Ian Haigh, Site Services Manager at Bowmer & Kirkland’s Millennium View development in Coventry, said: “WES+ offers us a number of important compliance and usability features that we have not found in other systems. We specified it for Coventry University because it is a fully compliant fire alarm system developed specifically for construction sites, which means it protects our workers from the dangers of fire and our client’s assets.”

Being a wireless system also means that nominated Bowmer & Kirkland personnel only require a basic demonstration in order to be able to reposition the WES manual call points or automatic heat/smoke detectors as construction work progresses.

With WES+ it is possible to add, remove and clone units with just a few button presses, meaning that the system is scalable for any size construction project.

Ramtech Electronics has been developing market-leading wireless technology specifically for the construction sector for over a quarter of a century. WES+ is a temporary wireless fire alarm system that is specifically engineered and independently tested and approved – to comply with EN54.

The WES+ technology saves time for the developer by allowing mandatory weekly fire alarm tests to be carried out using the silent function, avoiding disruption to workers.

Bowmer & Kirkland is creating Millenium View on behalf of student housing provider Unite and Complex Development Projects (CDP). Work is due to be finished in summer 2017 ready for students beginning the new academic year in September.