WES Wireless Fire Safety & Security Technology

Welcome to WES

Our market-leading WES fire safety product range protects industrial properties, construction sites and heritage buildings worldwide.

Developed by the fire experts at Ramtech Electronics, our innovative products are built on our experience of creating WES+, the first temporary wireless fire alarm system certified to EN54-25 and developed specifically for the construction industry.

We are the UK market leader in the provision of innovative wireless emergency systems. Our systems are engineered to deliver the highest standards of legislative compliance while meeting the unique safety challenges of complex environmental conditions such as construction sites, railyards, factories and heritage properties.

We offer everything from pre-ignition solutions to cloud connected alarm systems with medical alert, inspection delay, system test and pre-alarm modes as well as our mobile fire suppression systems with integrated alarm technology.

Engineering is at the heart of Ramtech Electronics. It’s our business to innovate, so we invest in the best possible staff, resources and test procedures to make sure that our research and development programme continues to deliver the superlative, market-leading wireless safety and security solutions on which we pride ourselves.

Our expert team can work with you to identify the best fire protection solution for you, no matter the size of the challenge.